There seem to be few legal documents that garner as many misconceptions as living wills. The amount of misinformation floating around often leaves people avoiding the issue all together. Don’t fall in the trap of waiting until it’s too late. Discover the truth about safeguarding your interests and creating the living will you need.

“I don’t need a living will; my family knows my wishes.”

We’ve seen this misconception rear its ugly head time and time again in the media. Family members argue about how to care for a loved one who suddenly develops a terminal illness or has a tragic accident. Though you may have expressed your desires to your loved ones orally, a legal, written document is the only way to truly protect your interests. A living will reduces the burden and grief family members feel during these situations.

“Living wills are for the elderly.”

Many people avoid writing living wills to avoid thinking about death. It’s understandable that leaving this world is a frightening thought. However, a living will is absolutely necessary even if you’re young and good health. We have no idea what the future may bring. This document will direct any medical decisions should you not be able to communicate with your loved ones and healthcare providers.

“I won’t receive medical treatment if I have a living will.”

This misconception, in particular, has spread like wildfire. More and more people believe that living wills automatically mean you won’t receive medical care if in a major accident. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, a living will lays out your precise preferences about medical treatment.

“If I have a living will, I don’t need to talk to my loved ones about my wishes.”

It’s crucial that your family knows you have a living will and what it details. Though it may be hard to discuss the subject, your family will appreciate knowing what you desire before a tragedy occurs. Always keep a copy in a safe place and leave one with your primary care physician. Bring a copy when traveling and remember you can revise the document as you wish.

Don’t put your healthcare desires on the back burner. Planning ahead gives you and those you care about peace of mind. Consult with Bosserman Law today.