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But, you may find your answer below. Read through our list of frequently asked questions and learn more about how Kelly Michael Bosserman can assist you.

What do you charge?

Fees vary by the type of case that you have and the circumstances behind your issues.

I do not generalize you or your problems. I do not pigeon hole you into a particular type of situation and therefore, I do not charge you a one-size-fits-all fee. Instead, I will meet with you, evaluate your case and give you the fee that is appropriate for your case.

You will find that my fees and rates are reasonable and comparable, if not more favorable than most. As an example, my uncontested no-fault divorce fees start around $500.00.  I practice law because I enjoy it and because I like helping people just like you.

Are you just going to settle my case or will I get my day in court?

We will not do anything you do not want to do. It is not my job to force a settlement on you. Instead, I represent you and your wishes as your hired attorney at law. I will always provide you with your options and inform you of how similar cases have turned out so that you can make the most informed decision you can make regarding whether a settlement better protects your interests – or whether a trial makes more sense. I am not afraid to try cases and believe many issues need to be tried. I tried my first case two days after I received my license. I have successfully argued in the Supreme Court on a criminal case out of Missouri, reversing the Appellate Courts and prior case law. I successfully overturned three life sentences for a client by continuing to fight through the Appellate Courts. I will represent you in the manner that best serves you, as ultimately directed by you.

Can I get a divorce if my spouse does not want a divorce?

In Mississippi, you either have to agree to a divorce or there has to be cause for a divorce. There are many possible causes for a divorce, such as adultery or habitual cruelment. Contact me and we can discuss your situation.

If my spouse is not allowing my custody time with my children do I have to still pay child support?

Yes, you have to pay child support even if your spouse is interfering with your custodial time. The two are separate. However, you need to file a motion to modify or a motion for contempt, so please call Bosserman Law today to discuss your options and get this rectified as soon as possible. Failing to rectify the situation can cause you harm in the future.

Will I lose the equity in my home if I file bankruptcy?

In Mississippi, we can protect equity up to the current exemption amount, which is $75,000, if the home in question is your primary residence. We may be able to protect more equity depending on certain circumstances, such as your age.

I filed bankruptcy before, can I file again? 

It depends on many things. Yes, ultimately you will be able to file again. There are specific time frames for filing another bankruptcy depending on whether or not you received a formal discharge and what type of bankruptcy you filed. For instance, if you received a discharge in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to wait eight years from your original bankruptcy filing date to file another chapter 7. However, you may be eligible to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy, so call our office and we can discuss all of the options given your circumstances.

I don’t have much, so I do not really need to do any estate planning do I?

You always need to perform some estate planning. You may not need advanced planning such as trusts but there are always certain things that you can do that won’t cost you much time or money but will better direct your heirs on how you desire things done and make it easier for them to follow out your wishes. Also, it will prevent your heirs from having to spend their time and money sorting out your issues.

If I have a power of attorney do I still need a will?

Yes, you still need a will because a power of attorney is terminated upon your death; meaning no one will be able to use it after your death.

My business is too small to afford the benefits of constant legal advice, therefore, I don’t need to meet with an attorney do I?

NOT TRUE! In business planning – even if it is a small business – it is very important to obtain proper legal advice as your business forms, operates and grows. The old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure goes very far with small businesses. You cannot afford not to obtain proper legal advice because at some point you will end up paying more. Most business advice and direction will not cost you very much if you do it routinely. I’ve counseled many businesses representing a number of various industries over the last eleven years. I even offer a special general counsel rate if your business needs constant advice but cannot afford to pay a full-time general counsel. Call Bosserman Law today to discuss it.

Can I just use one of those internet forms to incorporate my business?

In short, you could but that assumes a lot. First, it assumes you know which form of a business works best for your situation. It also assumes you will prepare all of the other required forms for businesses to operate, not just the filings with the state. It assumes you are going to prepare and file all of the annual forms you have to file. Finally, it assumes the forms you buy are correct. Lots of these forms are not state-specific despite their claims. You must either be careful and take the time necessary to compare all the forms’ content with the requirements of the state statutes or you can simply come in to my office and I can handle these issues for you right, the first time.

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