All too many times marriages are broken up by people who should know better.  People who know that a person is married and continue to pursue that person resulting in an affair and divorce.  This affair and divorce affects the custody of the children and can all to frequently cause damage to the children and spouse who were not at fault.  Sure, the divorce proceeding can result in retribution against the adulterous spouse but the damages are permanent.  Too many times the third party gets away with breaking up the marriage with no punishment or determent.

If your marriage has ended due to an affair or if you are about to file for divorce due to an affair, give me a call.  The State of Mississippi allows a law suit against the party who had the affair with a married person.  There are certain time restraints and requirements to meet in order to file a complaint for alienation of affection.  Set up an appointment and we can discuss how you can help stop these affairs one case at a time and how some retribution can come against the person who helped break up your marriage.

I look forward to serving you.

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Kelly Michael Bosserman, ESQ