So, you’re ready to claim your independence from corporate America and start your own small business.


It’s a noble idea, a thrilling and fulfilling pursuit – and a lot of work.

But I’m here to help.

There are a number of legal issues associated with starting a business that vary from seemingly insignificant (the operative word here is “seemingly”) to daunting and worrisome.

A lawyer can help.

While you focus on getting your start-up started up, I or any experienced business lawyer can help to ensure those seemingly insignificant items are tended to and that those worrisome items are no worry at all.

As you progress toward business ownership, here is a sampling of the types of things we can assist you with here at Bosserman Law.

1. Naming your Business.

We’ll perform thorough copyright investigations to ensure that the name you love for your business won’t infringe upon an existing trademark or copyright.

2. Choosing the Right Corporate Structure.

We can help protect each party within a partnership, offer the pros and cons of sole proprietorship vs. a corporation, and help to ensure your personal finances are protected from business creditors.

3. Assembling a board of directors.

We can offer insight and advice, conduct interviews and perform background checks to help you feel confident that you’re putting the best possible team together.

4. Mediation.

Should anything go wrong between you and a trusted partner, we can act as a mediator to help resolve the conflict as quickly and painlessly as possible before the trouble has time to severely compromise the success of the business.

I ask that you don’t read the list above as any kind of warning. The last thing I’d want to do is type anything into this computer that would deter you from chasing your dream.

However, understand that Bosserman Law is experienced and prepared to assist you in overcoming the challenges you’ll face as you start a new business. And we’re looking forward to the day we’ll celebrate with you as you toast to your new business’ grand opening!

Call us today to schedule a preliminary consultation so that we get to better know you and the plan for your new business.