Some people have all of the luck.  Some people can’t seem to have any.  I receive calls all of the time from people with multiple issues.  Frequently, marriages have reached the point of no return and many times it is due to financial decisions and financial problems such as garnishments or foreclosures.  They will say that they want to get a divorce and then file bankruptcy.  Sometimes their own business has gone under and they need to file bankruptcy on those debts in addition to the winding down of the business.

All of these issues can be very complex and it is best to not take action on any until you have consulted with an attorney.  It may be best for you to file bankruptcy before the divorce.  It may be best to wind the business down prior to the bankruptcy.  There are lots of issues to take into account such as saving bankruptcy costs by filing jointly while remaining married.  You may even be able to prevent filing bankruptcy if proper winding down of the business can occur.

Therefore, don’t let that dark cloud over your head cloud your thinking.  Come see me and we can plan the proper routes through bankruptcy, divorce or the winding down of your business.  We may be able to protect your home or your wages and in the process you may even save your marriage.

I look forward to serving you.

Thank you.

My Best Regards,

Kelly Michael Bosserman, ESQ