For many people the decision to file bankruptcy can be a hard one.  Perhaps a divorce has made paying bills impossible.  Perhaps a new child support order has messed up the monthly budget.  Other people have lost their jobs or have seen their business income decrease due to the economy.  Whatever the reason it normally takes a lot to get a client to the point of deciding to file for bankruptcy.  Many clients find that after making the tough choice to file, they discover that, with many firms, it costs more money than they expected to file for bankruptcy.  If they could afford the money it costs to file for bankruptcy then they wouldn’t need to file for bankruptcy can often be the mantra.

I understand these concerns.  I price my fees to match the issues in your case and what you can afford.  I also find that clients cannot afford to not file for bankruptcy.  Often, when I breakdown the savings the clients will experience, they understand the costs of the bankruptcy are made up within a month or two.  Give my office a call.  Let me set down with you and explain the benefits for your specific situation versus the costs of filing bankruptcy with my office.  Let’s change “I can’t afford to file bankruptcy” to “I can’t afford not to file bankruptcy”.

I look forward to serving you.

Thank you.

My Best Regards,

Kelly Michael Bosserman, ESQ