For better or worse (no pun intended) many people and families experience the changes of divorce.  One change I see a lot in my practice is the effects on subsequent relationships.  Many people struggle with the thoughts of giving their emotions to another person.  Many struggle with the desire to form that formal commitment after it not working out the first time.  I find that lots of clients feel pressure not to remarry due to the fear that their children might lose out on certain property rights due to a new spouse and a blended family.  All of these concerns and struggles are legitimate and should be discussed with your possible new spouse.  The good news is, if the relationship is one that you desire to take to the next level, then we can plan appropriately for you.

Pre-nuptial agreements can be drafted to address most all of your concerns.  We can also provide estate planning such as trusts to further control asset distributions.  Certain requirements have to be met with pre-nuptial agreements and estate planning.  There needs to be sufficient time for each party to consider what they are doing and for each to not feel coerced or under any duress.

Therefore, if you are ready for the next step, let us help you enter into your new relationship free of worry and pressure that you do not need.  Give me a call so we can meet and discuss what you want.  I will prepare the paperwork to get you the outcome you desire.

I look forward to serving you.

Thank you.

My Best Regards,

Kelly Michael Bosserman, ESQ