Why do lawyers charge so much?  That is a question I hear all of time, whether from clients or people I meet.  Of course, fees can vary depending on whether you are filing a bankruptcy case, divorce are arguing over a business deal gone badly.

The truth is that lawsuits of any kind do cost a lot and the knowledge and skill to effectively navigate you through the legal process is worth paying for in the long run.  However, the truth is also that some attorneys do charge too much.  You as a client have the right to pay too much too but don’t just simply fall for “the best must cost the most” marketing.

What I tell my friends or relatives who are hiring someone outside of my area is to look at an attorney’s prior experience and results and compare it to what similarly experienced attorneys charge.  There is some truth that you get what you pay for but there is no reason that you should have to pay five to ten times the regular amount to obtain good legal service.  Don’t fall for cheap gimmicks and don’t fall for paying too much but getting too little.

Take control of your case, your funds and your life.  Feel free to come in and speak with me about my fees.  Whether you want to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, a contested divorce or you want to start a small business, I can work with you to set up fees and payments that fit your issues.  I do not try take your life savings.  I try to earn your referral.  I think you will find that my fees are very reasonable, given my twelve years of experience and the accomplishments I have achieved.

I look forward to serving you.

Thank you.

My Best Regards,

Kelly Michael Bosserman, ESQ