Disputes between neighbors happen every day.

But when does a little loud music, unkempt grass or a rambunctious spaniel cross the threshold beyond mere nuisance and become a potential legal matter?

As a property owner, you have the right to use and enjoy your home and property reasonably and without unreasonable interference by others. Acts of “unreasonable interference” may also be referred to as private nuisance – to distinguish them from acts of public nuisance – and may be any number of a variety of activities that result in or cause the following:

  • Noise
  • Odors
  • Dust and smoke
  • Pollution of air or water
  • Bugs, rodents, and other pests
  • Explosions and other vibrations
  • Illness
  • Crime
  • Light

The real question is, do you need a lawyer to help convince your neighbor to act more neighborly?

Perhaps. But start with a more direct approach.

Open a dialogue. Have a conversation with your neighbor in a serious but non-confrontational manner. Many times this kind of conversation can lead to an understanding and put an end to the behaviors you find disturbing.

Should this have no positive effect, it may be time to either call the police – which may not have as substantial an impact as you perhaps wish unless the actions of your neighbor are criminal – or to ask a lawyer like me to help you first craft a letter encouraging them to curb their behavior and second, study your complaint against local nuisance laws to try and build a case against them.

So, is it time to bring in some assistance to help ensure that you and your family can live happier and more peaceful lives in your own home? If you believe it is, contact me so that we may discuss the options we have available to you.