It means something different to each of us. It means the world to all of us.

Building your family through adoption can be infinitely rewarding. However, without the assistance of an experienced guide, it can also be intimidating, challenging and confusing.

At Bosserman Law, you’ll find a compassionate, capable family advocate in Kelly Bosserman who has helped countless families experience the joy of adoption – including his own.

“I adopted three children. They are the joy of my life! I live the life changing experience of adoption first hand.  I know the blessings and I understand the fears of the process.  I will guide you and walk with you through the journey like we were family. ”

Kelly Michael Bosserman

His personal journey, combined with years of professional experience, has prepared Kelly Bosserman to carefully guide your family through initial custody placements and home studies to court hearings and finalizations.

Families grow in countless ways. No matter how yours is about to grow, Kelly Bosserman is ready to help. 


Step-Parent Adoptions


Grandparent Adoptions


Foreign Adoptions


Domestic Adoptions/ Agency Adoptions


Contested Adoptions

Memphis Adoption Attorney

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Bosserman Law has the answers to all of your questions regarding agency fees, state, national and international laws, parental rights and more.

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