Small business owners are dreamers. They dream of innovation, success, and bright futures. With this optimistic outlook, dreams may easily overshadow nightmares. No one likes to focus on nightmares – especially with so much at stake – but it’s important to give the possible business setbacks some consideration. Because it’s not a matter of if a crisis occurs but when.

Create the “Crisis Dream Team”

Smart business owners plan ahead, and in the event of a crisis, they know on whom to rely. Your business may not be large enough to have PR and multiple managers at your disposal, but it should at least have a trusted legal adviser on hand. After members of the team have been appointed, select one to be the spokesperson, so the public doesn’t receive mixed signals from every person on your team.

Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare Some More

In the early days of your business, it’s a good idea to plan for potential crises. Sit down with the rest of your crisis management team and brainstorm the variety of scenarios that may befall you. Then detail the best solutions and responses to resolve them quickly. Examples of this could range from a small percentage of dissatisfied customers to a nationwide recall of your product.

Confront the Crisis Head On

Ever notice how big corporations try to skirt around the issue or deny it all together when they’re in the midst of a public crisis? This isn’t how you should handle a problem if you want customers and clients to remain loyal. Instead of sweeping concerns under the rug, confront them with honesty and dignity. Admitting to a mistake and explaining how your business will rectify it can smooth things over much easier.

Be sure to do so in a timely manner. Waiting for customers to reach their boiling point before responding creates too much tension. If you’re not exactly sure how your business will handle a particular crisis, reassure the public you’re aware of the situation and looking into the best solution. Above all, keep your word because satisfied customers drive your business.

Handling business related crises on your own can be nerve racking so get the support your business needs. Form your crisis management team with the trusted advisers at Bosserman Law before disaster strikes.