I had a client come in the other day saying what many other clients have told me, that they were trying to hold on and not file bankruptcy.  Unfortunately, that meant they had cashed out retirement accounts to pay their bills.  As in most cases, this was not enough and they are having to go ahead and file bankruptcy.  Far too often I hear similar stories.  We haven’t paid our house or car note because we had to pay the medical bills we owe or some other unsecured debt.  Please, do not make any of these decisions without speaking with me or another qualified attorney.  Bankruptcy may be able to relieve you of some, if not most, of these burdens without the loss of any retirement benefits and without losing the properties you love and need most.  Don’t throw away money for nothing.

Give me a call and we can discuss what bankruptcy can do for you.

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Kelly Michael Bosserman, ESQ