Happy New Year everyone!

It was a big year for many of us in 2013.  Lots of us experienced changes that will define the rest of our lives.  Many of us have been putting off those changes.  Let’s start this new year together branching in new directions for all of us and finally doing the things we know we need to do but have been too afraid to take that first step.

First steps are very easy with me because I understand exactly what you are feeling.  In fact, I am starting this new year off by opening another a branch of my office in the Germantown/Cordova area.  Now I can help you in Mississippi and Tennessee without you having to drive far, no matter where you reside or work.  Easy locations to find and easy to speak with, so give me a call at 662-890-9558 or 901-758-6120 and let’s not put anything off any longer.  Let’s start your life new.  If you are in need if a fresh start in finances talk with me about it.   If you have family problems that you would like to try something new with, come see me.  If your business needs some new ideas or help with regulatory or corporate issues, just let me know and we can start this new year off together.  You don’t have to start something new alone.

I look forward to serving you.


Kelly Michael Bosserman, ESQ