All too frequently, I meet clients who have experienced emotional or physical abuse from their spouse and/ or perhaps their children have experienced the abuse.  My clients have finally had enough and want to file for divorce and sole custody of the children, due to the abuse.  However, when we start talking about the case, all they have is the their own testimony as they have not documented any of the instances of the emotional or physical abuse.

What I want you to know is that if you have experienced abuse or if you are feeling threatened, you need to get out of the relationship no matter how hard it might feel.  You also need to write down in a journal all of the instances of the abuse or threats, even the verbal abuse that causes lots of your emotional scarring.  We need dates, times and good references to when and how the words were said, threats were made, or the abuse occurred.  If you or your children have been physically abused you need to take pictures if there are any signs of the abuse and you need to call the police.  You can file a protective order if needed.  There are organizations which can help you leave and of course my firm will help you and your children be safe.

Be safe by being smart.  Leave the abuse. Write it down.  Take pictures.  Call me or someone who can help.

Thank you.

My Best Regards,

Kelly Michael Bosserman, ESQ