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Southaven Child Support LawyersIn situations involving a divorce, the child support costs need to be determined as a part of the settlement between both parties. Hiring a good lawyer for child support can be really beneficial for you as they will be overseeing the case on your behalf. If you are looking for a child support lawyer and are in the phase of choosing the one best for you, you would want to know the following 5 things.

1.     They Understand the System

If you are in a fix about whether you should go for a child support lawyer or not, it is better hiring one because you don’t understand how the system works. The lawyer will have the necessary experience and expertise and can talk to the system in the language they understand.

2.     They can make child support easy

When you hire a child support lawyer, they can make the implementation and the adjustment process easy for the parents. This is the time when the parents are already going through a difficult phase. Getting help from a child support lawyer will take away many tasks from you that you are not in a position to do right now.

3.     They can help with recouping child support not paid yet

When you hire a lawyer for cases involving child support, they will not only help with the case but can also help you with recouping back the unpaid child support from the custodial parent. They will also guide you in the best way about when it is recommended to depart from the child support guidelines.

4.     Understand the difference between litigation and mediation

At this very difficult time of your life, you need support. Professional help from a lawyer can take your case to a better finish as they understand the difference between and also when is the right time for mediation and litigation.

5.     They will do everything

Yes, from filing documents to clarifying terms and from calculating the payments to collecting and reinforcing them, child support lawyers will do everything for you. Getting a professional an reputable lawyer can really help you with your case.

If you are looking for the best Southaven Child Support Lawyers, you will be pleased to know that Bosserman Law offers the best child support lawyers in town. We have on our panel the best lawyers that can help you with your child support.

Mississippi Child Support Laws – The top things you need to know

Mississippi adheres to a specific set of codes when it comes to child support payments. In case of a divorce when the child is handed custody to one parent, the other parent is required to pay child support. To determine the amount to be paid and settle the matter, finding a child support attorney in South Haven is important. However, it is not that difficult as there are many lawyers who specialize in constructing these agreements.

This law was formed so that the parent who is not living with the child full time has to bear responsibility as well, and pay for the needs of the child/children as well. The custodial parent is obligated for child support too; however, there is no certain percentage of their income that has to be documented legally as the state assumes that this parent will be providing for their children through their assets.

The payments made by the custodial parents continue till the child turns 21. In case the child is sentenced in a juvenile facility, the non custodial parent is not obligated to pay child support for the period the child spends in jail.

How to calculate the payments?

To calculate the amount that a non-custodial parent has to pay, the first thing to know is the total income from all sources. These include salary, commissions, investments, trust and inheritance.

Taxes, disability contributions, social security contributions and mandatory retirement are to be subtracted from these and the difference would be the Gross income.

Child support percentage is as follows:

  • 1 child: 14% of income
  • 2 children: 20% of income
  • 3 children: 22% of income
  • 4 children: 24% of income
  • 5 or more children: 26% of income

Adjustments in the amount paid

In some cases, it is possible that the amount being paid for child support is unfair to a parent or the child. In some cases, the amount set by the state can be rebutted with evidence of factors such as extraordinary medical expenses, child’s own income, increase in either parents’ income, and the child’s age.

As times, agreements have been made between the parents to adjust the child support amount to be fair to the other parent. This agreement has to be written though and submitted in court where the agreement has to be approved by a judge.

Details for this process can be discussed with your child support attorney in Southaven, as they can better guide you to what would be fair for you and your child. For more information on family law, contact us today!

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